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Date           Fri, 01 Aug 1997 08:55:25 -0400
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Just posted this yesterday; where've you been?

or you Canon fans:

The British photo magazine AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER in its July 26th issue
has an article (pp. 6-7) in which the editors claim that Canon will
release in February 1998 an updated EOS 5 (A2e in USA).

AP claims that the new EOS body will have 45 AF focusing points, 11 of
which will be selectable by the eye control system.  There will be 21
metering points; selectable focusing points will deliver spot metering.

DOF preview will be engaged by a button rather than by eye control, as
on the A2e/5.

The viewfinder will have 97% coverage. The code name of this body
project, according to AP, is C836.

Again, according to AP, the new body will be released with two new
lenses, a 24 mm f 1.4 prine with a minimum focusing distance of 25 cm,
and a 28-135 zoom using image stabilisation technology.

There will also be a new flash unit (code-named F073) with a guide
number of 36 meters with ISO 100 film.

AP expects the new body to be called the EOS 5n in England; perhaps it
will be the A3 or A2n in the USA.

AP says that Canon UK will not comment, but promises that the
information in the story is "not rumor but hard fact, based on more than
one source."

The story also says that the new body "has a specification to give
Nikon's professional F90x (N90s in USA) a run for its money."
John N. Wall 

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